Texas Lawyers helping clients with Coronavirus Texas Business Interruption Insurance

What is the point of business interruption insurance if it doesn't pay when Coronavirus causes your business to be interrupted?

We are Texas lawyers that help clients make claims on the Texas business interruption insurance and recover insurance proceeds they suffer as a result of the Coronavirus. There is an old saying about insurance that has been true since it was first uttered:

"Insurance companies don't get rich paying claims, they get rich denying claims."

You paid for your business interruption insurance and now the insurance company will not pay. For example, recently a Texas lawyer that represents insurance companies made the following statement about a lawsuit filed over business interruption insurance:

"The normal process is for the policyholder to file a claim, let the insurance company evaluate the coverages under the policy, and then determined whether coverage exists."

The insurance companies game plan is pretty simple: deny, delay, litigate. We are ready. It was a call let's discuss a strategy for you.


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