Our Coronavirus story: How To Turn A Perceived Disadvantage Into Your Client’s Advantage.

"Logistics is the stuff that if you don't have enough of, the war will not be won."

General Nathaniel Green, Quartermaster, American Revolutionary Army

For years we have been able to work remotely. The process began in 2003 when we installed a remote desktop application known as gotomypc on every computer. Over time, as technology has advanced, we have adopted that technology. The primary purpose was to allow our lawyers the ability to service our clients regardless of the lawyer’s physical location. As technology increased our client’s needs increased and it was necessary that even if our lawyers were out of town attending depositions or hearings elsewhere, they needed the ability to work on their computer just the same. And so we adopted that technology along the way. For instance, our phone system is such that everyone can take their phone home and it’s just like we are at the office. We bought that system years ago when we really had no particular use for it. Additionally, we continually expanded the bandwidth of our Internet service and upgraded our service to a fiber-optic system. Thereby ensuring that we were far less likely to suffer degradation of the quality of the Internet based on its usage.

Then came Coronavirus. And although we had been monitoring the virus for about a month, we weren’t fully anticipating its sudden acceleration in Dallas. But, based on recommendations of government officials, we made the decision on a Friday that starting the next Monday we would work remotely. So we crossed our fingers and took all of our equipment home.

Fortunately, everything worked. Every employee is able to work on their computer at home as though they are sitting at their desk. Every employee has their work phone on their desk at home. Their direct lines all work and we can communicate with each other using the office phones is that we are sitting in the office. Even the receptionist is able to answer your calls from home and direct them to the proper party. We are able to complete filings with the court just as though we were sitting in the office. At this point, we have seen no meaningful inefficiencies in our work.

This is been a huge opportunity for our clients. We have been able to press our technological advantages over our opponents during this time when our opponents are trying to figure out how to answer the phone. We are sending discovery. We are answering discovery. We are filing motions to compel. All of it. We are aggressively pursuing results for our clients during this time when others are still trying to figure out the technology.

Let us know if we can help you. We've got our logistics act together.

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