Watch out for the Girlfriend

We went to trial on Valentine’s Day 2006.  We represent a company I will just call Plaintiff.  They are in the business of selling produce and related products to restaurants in the D/FW area. There is a guy in town that is known as “Big Bruce.”  In 2004 BB was part owner (25%) of a restaurant in the area that bought produce from the Plaintiff.

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A TRO for All Seasons

When the client walked in the door, here was his situation.

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An Old Lady Loses Everything

When the client first walked in the door, I could not believe the story, but it was all true.

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Magic Letterhead

The client sold a large industrial sized printer to a customer that was in the direct mail business. The invoice (which approached six figures) was due in 30 days but when we met with the client the customer was 60 days late and not returning anybody’s phone calls.

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