Jurors Don't Often Go to Jail

Gregory Ducas is a 57 year old commercial airline pilot that has been employed by United Airlines for 30 years. He was selected as a juror in one of our cases that was set to go to trial for three days. However, Mr. Ducas apparently did not care to serve on the panel. Although he had several opportunities to tell the lawyers and the judge that he would have trouble being fair and impartial, he remained silent.

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No, we won't take half to settle. Here's a writ of garnishment.

We represent a large insurance company that provides group health insurance to large employers.  Recently, we went to trial on a case for them where the defendant, an employer of approximately 500 people, alleged that our client failed to properly handle claims and to properly debit the account of the defendant for premiums.

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Can You Handle the Truth?

If you become a client, you have to be able to hear the ugly truth about your situation.  We are not interested in overselling your position or in over promising and under delivering.  But some clients just demand that you tell them what they want to hear.

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Texas Post Judgment Interest

Interest that accrues on judgments after they are awarded has been changed by a recent act of the legislature.

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Directors and Officers Can Be Liable for Corporate Debt

Everyone knows that a corporation is a good shield for liability.  Most of the time, if there is a judgment against the corporation the officers and directors are not liable for the judgment

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