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Darrell Cook is the founder of our firm and when his father was alive his father would call and say "How's business, son?" and Darrell would always say, "Business is good, Dad, people are still cheating one another." They would both laugh and have the kind of conversations that fathers and sons have.

No case better exemplifies the fact that people are still cheating one another better than The Roof Case.

The story was difficult to believe at first: the Client was looking for property in an exclusive area of Dallas.  The Client had two primary concerns: the roof and the foundation. Under no circumstances did the client want to buy a home that had a history of roof problems or a foundation that was not perfect. These concerns were repeatedly told to the client's real estate agent.

But you should never underestimate the greed that resides in the evil doers on this planet and, as you might imagine, the client purchased a home that had severe roof issues.  Normally, we would just tell the client that bad things happen, that we cannot fix every problem, that into each life a little rain must fall. But there was a catch. When the roof had a problem the client called a roofer to come look at the house.  When the Roofer arrived to look the place over he said that he remembered this house because a year earlier, before the Client purchased the home, the Roofer had given an extensive and expensive estimate to repair the roof to......THE CLIENT'S REAL ESTATE AGENT!

So, before the house was purchased the Agent had the Roofer look at the house and never told the buyer, our Client.  With full knowledge of the damaged condition the roof the Agent allowed our Client to purchased the house.  Why? Well, to make a fee, of course.

The client retained us and we interviewed the Roofer and examined the estimate.  We then obtained an affidavit from the Roofer so that his story could be memorialized for all time and then sued the Agent and his employer. The Agent and his employer hired a large and  expensive law firm out of Fort Worth and that firm was able to drag the matter out for over two years.  But in the end, our client recovered enough money to fix his roof and to pay his legal bills and expenses.

After that matter settled we noted that the same Agent and his employer were sued by another buyer.

As long as people continue to cheat one another this firm has a very bright future.

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