Broken Promises

How to deal with broken promises and breached contracts?... 

A large number of our cases are rooted in a breach of contract or a broken promise. This type of litigation is generally known as "Business Litigation." There may also be other issues, like fraud, deceptive trade, negligent misrepresentation or an agreement not to compete, but the starting point in the litigation is always the breach of the promises between the parties.

These cases are usually more complex than cases like personal injury or divorce and you should be very careful in hiring an attorney.  

We recommend you make an honest attempt to resolve these issues yourself first. This is true for two reasons: 1) it is always the cheapest approach to resolving issues and 2) once you hire an attorney the matter takes on a completely different "tone."

Unfortunately, not every matter can be reconciled by you without an attorney.  Sometimes the hostilities between the parties are at such a level that you simply cannot hope to resolve it without the hammer of an attorney.  Once you have reached this stage DO NOT WAIT! – call your lawyer NOW!  Waiting gives away advantage and allows the other party to "circle the wagons."

If you are not careful, you won't even be the first person in the fight to file a lawsuit. You may laugh at that thought, but we have found that smart lawyers file suit first, and your opponent is likely to hire a smart lawyer. Then you are in the unhappy position of being the DEFENDANT.  Trust us, this happens more than you know and there is no time to delay if the situation is now unworkable for you. 

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