Injunction lawyers in Texas can be creative.

Recently we represented a manufacturing client that employed a couple of sales people who were very entrepreneurial. They were so entrepreneurial that they decided to copy the product manufactured by the client and to sell the product on the side, even using a web site of similar design to the client's web site design.

We investigated the allegations and determined the web site was owned by the father of one of the employees and then retained an investigator to follow the father for a few days.  Once it was determined conclusively that the salesman and the father were engaged in a competitive operation, we obtain the necessary affidavits from the client's employees in the investigator and then obtained a temporary restraining order from a Dallas County court.  The investigator testified a temporary injunction hearing even providing pictures of the events that he was able to observe.  The judge properly enjoined all the defendants from engaging in any activity that could be considered a competing enterprise with the business of the client.  Once the defendants (the salesmen and the father) Realize the trouble they were in they immediately capitulated and the matter was settled on terms very favorable to the client.  This is a classic example of how we use temporary injunctions to stop offending behavior. You can read about our approach to injunctions here.

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