We are Texas collections lawyers that tell you the ugly truth.

If you become a client, you have to be able to hear the ugly truth about your situation.  We are not interested in overselling your position or in over promising and under delivering.  But some clients just demand that you tell them what they want to hear.

We had just such a client recently.  They were a "mom and pop" outfit that provided a service to local businesses.  Primarily, we performed collections services, sometimes filing liens on their behalf. Frequently we would tell them that they had waited too long to send a case to us and that they were unlikely to get paid. Most of the problem was that they didn't send us the case until the statute of limitations had expired. They didn't like that news from us and were upset at us for their failure to get us involved soon enough.  The relationship was uneasy from the beginning and eventually we parted company with them as they sought greener pastures elsewhere.

We recently saw in the daily reports from the courthouse that the former client just sued the lawyer that took over from us.  Why?  Because they were mad at that lawyer for prosecuting several cases that were outside the statute of limitations.  According to the lawsuit, this new lawyer continued to work on the files (cost: $28,000) when he should have known that there was no chance to recover any money on them. Exactly the problem we kept advising them would preclude recovery.

So this client didn't like what we told them.  Fired us. Hired a guy that would say what they wanted to hear. Paid him $28,000 and are now suing him for not telling them exactly what we told them.


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