Lawyers in Texas who represent Landlords cannot be afraid of bankruptcy court.

Tenants are often confused by the fact that the mere filing of a bankruptcy won't stop the eviction for very long. This is especially true if the Tenant continues to fail to make timely payments of rent.

One such tenant rented a house in a swanky Dallas neighborhood known as Highland Park. He signed the lease, paid the first month's rent and the security deposit and paid nothing else. We were retained and immediately began eviction proceedings. 

Then the tenant sought bankruptcy protection. But he failed to stay current on the rent and we asked the bankruptcy court for permission to evict, which was quickly granted. So we went forward with the eviction and had to go so far as to obtain a writ of possession to place the tenant's property on the curb.

Once the constable arrived to serve the writ of possession the tenant moved out very quickly, in a matter of hours.

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