It's fun being a Texas Collections lawyer.

Periodically we are faced with debtors that don't care to be the subject of a lawsuit.  Recently we were attempting to serve a corporate debtor that owned a health care facility in North Dallas. They had taken substantial steps to make the usual process of serving a lawsuit very difficult. Their registered agent no longer worked with them and had essentially disappeared.

So we sent one of our young lawyers to their business premises for the purpose of collecting business cards from anyone one that he saw there. He then returned to the office and issued subpoenas to each of those folks to appear at our office and to give testimony about the debtor's business and corporate structure.  Needless to say, once the subpoenas were issued the underlings of the corporation revolted. You could hear the tension in their voices as they called our office in a panic.

But it was effective as the lawyer for the debtor called before lunch the next day and agreed to accept service for the debtor.

Mission Accomplished.

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