At Cook Keith & Davis, we understand that collecting judgments can be a complex and challenging process. Recently, we were referred a judgment by another law firm in Dallas on behalf of a client against a debtor who had attempted to move and protect their assets.

We researched the debtor and found a number of companies with which the debtor did business. Then we sent those companies subpoenas for documents related to their dealings with the debtor.  Through our detailed review of documents obtained from the parties who had done business with the debtor, we discovered a hidden bank account. We immediately filed an application for writ of garnishment against the bank holding the debtor's money and were not surprised to find that there was enough money to fully satisfy the judgment.

The debtor, realizing the gravity of the situation, contacted us to negotiate the debt. However, with the money already on hold with the bank, there was no need for negotiation; and we were able to immediately pay the client in full.

This case is a prime example of how hard work and persistence can pay off in the collection of judgments. At Cook Keith & Davis, we are dedicated to using our expertise and resources to ensure that our clients receive the justice they deserve.

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