Diligence for the Win

At Cook Keith & Davis, we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the complexities of commercial litigation and achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Recently, we represented a client who sold equipment to a company we will call Company 1.

Upon first glance, it appeared that Company 1 was a company with no money and was essentially out of business. However, we don't take things at face value here at CKD. So we conducted a thorough investigation into the people who owned Company 1 and discovered something interesting.

It turns out that the owners of Company 1 had filed an assumed name certificate for another company they owned, which we will call Company 2. While it was difficult to tell if Company 2 had ever actually done business as Company 1, the fact that they had filled the assumed name certificate caught our attention.

With this information in hand, we took legal action against both Company 1 and Company 2. Company 2 confidently denied any liability for the debt, but we weren't deterred. We aggressively pursued the debt against Company 2 and the case became hotly contested. We sought discovery of all use of email addresses used by the employees of Company 1 and Company 2. And we discovered some interesting overlap. But Company 2 stood ready to go to trial.

However, as we were preparing for trial, Company 2 lost their nerve and settled with us rather than face a trial. It was a good outcome for our client and a testament to the tenacity and resourcefulness of our team at Cook Keith & Davis. We left no stone unturned in our pursuit of the debt, including scouring the county records for information on Company 2.

At Cook Keith & Davis, we are committed to fighting for the rights of our clients and achieving the best possible outcome in every case. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced team of attorneys.

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