Local Company Learns the Hard Lesson that it Matters Who You Hire for your Lawyer

At Cook Keith & Davis, we take pride in representing our clients and fighting for their rights regardless of their circumstances. This was no different when we took on a case involving a client who owned an airplane used to shuttle executives around the US and Canada. Unfortunately, the client's airplane needed its nose landing gear serviced per the manufacturer's recommendations.

The client sent the landing gear to Advantage, a company in Dallas that specializes in landing gear services, with an $85,000 deposit. Advantage sent an estimate of the cost of work to be performed. Still, they failed to follow proper procedures and intended to service parts that did not need to be serviced per the manufacturer's specifications. The client did not approve the estimate and asked for the landing gear to be returned, but Advantage refused for two years and refused to return the deposit. This caused the client to rent landing gear for a year, costing $5,000 per week.

Despite the client's requests, Advantage held onto the landing gear and refused to return it, even though it was the client's property. The client was forced to purchase new landing gear, and it remains unclear why the original landing gear was not returned by Advantage. It was their position that the deposit was non-refundable.

Cook Keith & Davis took on the case and filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client. After going to trial, the court awarded the client the original deposit that was not returned, plus $5,000 per week for reimbursement of the rental cost and another $5,000 per week for loss of use of the landing gear during the time Advantage held onto it. The total judgment awarded exceeded $700,000.

This case is a classic example of why it matters who you choose to be your lawyer. Advantage went to their lawyer with an $85,000 problem and left with a $700,000 problem. At Cook Keith & Davis, we take our clients' cases seriously and will stop at nothing to protect their rights. Our post-judgment collection procedures are still ongoing, and we will continue to fight for our client until the case is fully resolved.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't hesitate to contact Cook Keith & Davis. We are here to help and ensure that your rights are protected."

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