Local Company Learns the Hard Lesson that it Matters Who You Hire for your Lawyer

At Cook Keith & Davis, we take pride in representing our clients and fighting for their rights regardless of their circumstances. This was no different when we took on a case involving a client who owned an airplane used to shuttle executives around the US and Canada.

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Diligence for the Win

At Cook Keith & Davis, we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the complexities of commercial litigation and achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Recently, we represented a client who sold equipment to a company we will call Company 1.

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Uncovering Hidden Assets: The Power of Persistence

At Cook Keith & Davis, we understand that collecting judgments can be a complex and challenging process. Recently, we were referred a judgment by another law firm in Dallas on behalf of a client against a debtor who had attempted to move and protect their assets.

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Coronavirus, Landlords, and Tenants.

There are a number of governmental entities and court systems that are prohibiting landlords from filing new eviction lawsuits in response to the coronavirus crisis.What should a landlord do?

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The Coronavirus power grab by cities

We helped a client survive a power mad inspector. Recently, A city inspector decides to shut down a multi family property relying on Coronavirus executive order.

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