Coronavirus, Landlords, and Tenants.

There are a number of governmental entities and court systems that are prohibiting landlords from filing new eviction lawsuits in response to the coronavirus crisis.What should a landlord do?

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The Coronavirus power grab by cities

We helped a client survive a power mad inspector. Recently, A city inspector decides to shut down a multi family property relying on Coronavirus executive order.

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Paycheck Protection Program

FAQ for Paycheck Protection Program instituted by the CARES Act.

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Coronavirus and wedding contracts

Recently we were engaged by a local family whose daughter was planning to get married on April 25, 2020. But on March 18 the venue notified her that because of local government proclamations regarding social distance the venue would not be able to honor the contract on April 25.

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Coronavirus, Business Interruption Insurance, and Texas Lawyers

What is the point of business interruption insurance if it doesn’t pay when Coronavirus causes your business to be interrupted?

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